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Human Beast • Volume 1   (Decca SKL 5053)
Produced by Ray Horricks

Gillies Buchan - Guitar, Vocals
Edward Jones - Bass, Vocals
John Ramsey - Drums
David McNiven - Clarinet
1. Mystic Man  
2. Appearance Is Everything, Style Is A Way Of Living  
3. Brush With The Midnight Butterfly  
4. Maybe Someday  
5. Reality Presented As An Alternative  
6. Naked Breakfast  
7. Circle Of The Night  
A rare, sought after and heavy UK psychedelic album from a short-lived young Edinburgh trio, released in 1970. It was taped in a single twelve-hour stint in London that December. Supported by David McNiven from Bread, Love and Dreams who contributed the few lyrics, this album is an astonishing debut. Some real spacy guitar work with Eastern influences and a pounding bass with frenetic percussion. Although most of the reviews you can read are too unanimous enthusiastic for myself. I must admit that some parts of the record are a bit boring. So only four stars.
UK 1970 M-/M- Decca: SKL 5053 Unplayed archive copy 7800.00 €

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