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Mirkwood • Mirkwood   (Flams FR 1067)
Produced by Mirkwood

Derek Bowley - Leadvocals
Steve Smith - Drums
Jack Castle - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Harmony Vocals
Mick Morris - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Harmony Vocals
Dave Evans - Bass
1. Take My Love  
2. Love's Glass Of Sunshine  
3. Just Because  
4. The Leech  
5. The Vision  
6. Clockwise  
7. Lavendula  
The only recording that Mirkwood made was for an album on the Flams Label with just 99 copies. With dual guitar battles and stoned vox, this record is a highlight and a masterpiece of (hard) progessive rock with psychedelic influences. Seven lengthy tracks with incredible perfect rhythm changes, harsh guitar solos and also silent and epic tracks. One of the ten records for a lonely island. But incredible rare and almost impossible to find. "It was essentially a live recording. We just set up the equipment at Jacks house as if we were on stage and Ron Nunn (thats what the REN on the cover stands for) recorded us straight onto on his Revox tape recorder! There were no overdubs or special effects - it was a completely live sound. The album contained the first batch of songs we wrote and we have always regretted not recording some of our later material which only exists now on a few very poor quality live tapes. After Mirkwoods last appearance (it was at the Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury in 1978) Jack and I played together during the early 80s in a band called EASY ACTION and Derek and I were in a band called ICEBREAKER from the late 80s until 1995. Jack now lives in Wales and has a solo act. Derek and I occasionally get together at local venues and I still play quite often (mainly jazz on guitar and Irish music on banjo!). Sadly, I've lost touch with the others." (By courtesy of Mick Morris, who gave me this informations. Thanks, Mike!)
UK 1973 M-/Ex++ Flams: FR 1067 Original photo of the band 5600.00 €

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