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Can • Monster Movie   (Music Factory SRS 001)
Produced by Inner Space Production

Irmin Schmidt - Organ
Jacki Liebezeit - Drums
Holger Czukay - Bass
Michael Karoli - Guitar
Malcolm Mooney - Vocals
1. Father Cannot Yell  
2. Mary, Mary So Contrary  
3. Outside My Door  
4. Yoo Doo Right  
Can finished their own primitive studio and dubbed it Schloss Norvenich in January 1969. For most of their career, all their recordings were made there. In spite of just having a four track tape machine at their disposal, the recordings were of a high technical quality, partly due to the great technical ability of Holger Czukay (acting as their engineer and tape editor). Their first set of finished tapes were circulated to several record companies. It is possible that the Delay 1968 album (1981) was compiled from these tapes. As Can didn't get an initial response, they wasted no more time approaching record companies but made further recordings, resulting in Monster Movie (1969), being released by themselves as a private pressing of 600 copies. In December the same year, a recording contract with Liberty / United Artists was signed, and Monster Movie was repackaged and released again. This is the original first private press copy without Liberty... on rear, scratched Matrix-Nr. SRS 011 A/B + 88342 A/B +!!
D 1969 M-/M- Music Factory: SRS 001 1st private press 9800.00 €

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