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Megaton • Same   (Deram SML-R 1086)
Produced by Les Humphries

Les Humphries (piano, keyboards)
Jimmy Bilsbury (vocals)
Unknown musicians
1. Out Of Your Own Little World       
2. Niagara      
3. Wanna Be A Hero      
4. Fairy Tale Song      
5. Coo Cooki Choo      
6. Carry It On The End      
7. Woman I'm Gonna Make Your Mine      
8. Man In An Aeroplane      
9. Life Was Easy Yesterday      
10. Tomorrow Never Comes My Way      
Propably the rarest Deram record, this mega obscure and mega rare Megaton UK LP recorded by Les Humphries and Jimmy Bilsbury, the co-author and lead singer of the Les Humphries Singers, who sank into poverty and was found dead in a sleazy hotel in Bonn in 2003. But beware: This is NOT an easy listening record but a absolute killer album! Together with a bunch of unknown musicians this one-off studio project contains vintage hard'n'heavy exploitation rockers in the vein of Led Zeppelin, Free and Rolling Stones.
UK 1971 M/M- Deram: SML-R 1086 Unplayed archiv copy 11500.00 €

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